Richard Cottingham is an American Serial Killer who operated in New York City and New Jersey in the 1970's. From 1977-1980 he killed 5 prostitutes in a brutally sadistic fashion. Known as "The Torso Killer" Cottingham wanted to leave crime scenes that were shocking. He succeeded. He violently tortured,dismembered and mutilated his victims before leaving them in hotel rooms posed for ultimate shock value.He was also called The NY Ripper until Joel Rifkin killed 18 prostitutes in NYC and the media gave him the name. Cottingham has claimed responsibility for additional murders and suggests he had already been a killer for over ten years before the Torso Murders began. Whether or not that is true remains to be seen. He was convicted and sentenced to multiple life terms for the Torso slayings. As is true with most serial murderers Cottingham wanted to be the best of all killers so his claims of killing between 80 and 100 women might be a psychopaths way of having a better story. Personally I think he probably did kill more than the 5 he was convicted for. A man in Cottingham's position with a life sentence doesn't need more murder cases filed against him.That would leave him open to a possible death sentence.And Serial Killers, although they love to watch others die,they all fear their own death. Cottingham has always refused to do interviews.

Film Duration: 58 min