This is Bundy's last interview.It's worth watching just for this hilarious moment when Bundy is talking and out of the background a phone rings which makes Bundy almost jump,he was waiting and expecting a stay of execution so the thought that for that second when the phone rings he got excited and then you see him sort of deflate back to the interview,looking really disappointed.I can see all those girls he killed laughing at that. He offered only 1 interview and requested the Rev. Dr. James Dobson to do it.Bundy wanted to blame pornography for making him a killer and deviant necrophile. So what better way than to get Dobson,who at this time in 1989 was on a mission to rid the world of it with The Meese Comission. Bundy didn't happen to say that his idea of pornography,and the types that excited him were Detective magazines, catalogs of women in underwear,violent horror comics,etc. Not regular sexually explicit porn, just women in danger,being threatened by men. Bundy couldn't even take responsibility when he was about to die. In the end he couldn't walk, he collapsed in fear when he saw the electric chair and had to be carried in the room like the coward he was. For someone who was so involved and in love with death he couldn't face his own. Like all narcissistic serial killers he loved causing death but was terrified of dying himself. Fitting.

Film Duration: 29 min