The Moors Murders shocked Britain in the 1960s.Ian Brady and Myra Hindley murdered 5 children and teenagers, both male and female.There were 5 known victims but more are suspected. These killings, unlike most child killings,weren't sexually motivated.Brady just wanted to torture and murder kids.The torture and murder of at least 1 victim was captured on audio tape so that Brady and Hindley could relive the event over and over again. In his words the killings were an existential exercise. Just to commit a taboo crime and see if they could get away with it.They relived the crimes by having picnics at the graves of their victims,taking photos of themselves standing next to the places they had buried their prey.So there are a number of photographs of Brady and Hindley posing at seemingly random sections of the English Moors.If one didn't know the significance of the photos,one wouldn't realize there are bodies buried under their feet.

Film Duration: 57 min .