"Shall I?" is a truthful, sometimes shocking, yet entirely honest dialogue between a filmmaker and the ordinary 'every-day' people of Lithuania. From Directoresnotes.com: Igor Drozdov's insightful documentary Shall I? may focus on the current economic plight of his homeland Lithuania, but with the world currently facing a global financial crisis, it is truly a film of universal themes. This is more than a film about monetary restraints though, this is a film about nationality, a film about patriotism and a film about home. Director Igor Drozdov joins us to discuss why he felt it necessary to make Shall I? and the mixed reactions his film has elicited. From BalticReports.com: "...Meanwhile Lithuania has the fifth-highest income inequality in the European Union, with the top 20 percent earning nearly six times more than the bottom 20 percent of incomes according to Eurostat. With this in mind young filmmaker Igor Drozdov, himself a Lithuania emigre living in England, returned home to film the documentary "Shall I?" ("Ar Verta?") about why Lithuanians are leaving the "Land of Rain" in record numbers.

Film Duration: 30 min .