Lurking silently beneath the ocean's surface is one of nature's most terrifying creatures " a powerful predator that can rip its prey apart in a matter of seconds. Now you can experience actual shark attacks and rescues captured on film. Learn why these attacks are increasing at an alarming rate, and see the awe-inspiring lengths sharks will go to when they're on the hunt.

Swim with this misunderstood marvel in the world's most beautiful places, and discover the shark's secrets as we peer into its home in the deep, dark sea. Go shark hunting with the man whose legendary adventures may have inspired the infamous character Quint from Jaws. Explore the science, myths, and mystery of this fearsome predator in 14 favorite Discovery Channel programs from Shark Week " the series that has been exciting and intriguing fans for 20 years.

This four-disc set contains the following episodes: "Air Jaws: Sharks of South Africa" (2000); "Air Jaws II: Even Higher" (2002); "Anatomy of a Shark Bite" (2003); "Shark Attack Survivors" (2006); "Shark Rebellion" (2006); "Shark Attack Rescuers" (2002); "Prehistoric Sharks" (1998); "Future Shark" (2000); "Bull Shark: World's Deadliest Shark" (2004); "Jaws of the Pacific" (2003); "Sharks in a Desert Sea" (1999); "American Shark" (2005); "Shark Hunter: Chasing the Great White" (2005); and "Shark Bite! Surviving Great Whites" (2005).