It only takes one look to understand who reigns in the underwater world of the ocean. Whether it's the open sea or coral reefs, sharks have found an answer for every challenge. In this underwater realm, they are the undisputed kings. Most humans only dare venture into their world with the protection of technology. But what happens if you can only approach them closely by rejecting this protection?

Adventure ocean quest - an encounter with a world under the waves with divers who become underwater beings themselves, they work together with all the scientists working on the world's oceans deep under the surface of the water without a sound, and without a breath. Adventure in the depths of the sea, the likes of which has never been seen before.

The South Pacific, a world of open sea dotted with small islands. This is the starting point for an extraordinary expedition in the world of one of the most bizarre and mysterious shark species - the great hammerhead.

Film Duration: 52 min