In 1995 the BBC made a documentary about the creation of Space Mountain, called "Shoot For The Moon". It was a fascinating programme, following Tim Delaney and his team in bringing Jules Vernes' "From The Earth To The Moon" book to life.

The report shows the whole development of the attraction, from conception, over contruction up to testing and fine tuning the final attraction. Of course also problems during this process arise. In 1863, Jules Verne had a vision. He called it: "Paris in the 20th Century". He foresaw a future of electric lights, automobiles and roads streeped with traffic. It was the story of a world gone wrong. He even predicted a vast mechanical cathedral would rise in the center of Paris. But the book was too pessimistic to print. In 1889, technology caught up. But Verne had moved on. His next book, "From the Earth to the Moon", was an optimistic celebration of the triumph of science.

Today, 40 miles (~64 km) outside Paris, Verne's 19th Century-fantasy space travel is slowly becoming real. This is a story where fact and fiction change place. It's a story about the future, and the people who invent it.

Film Duration: 55 min