They dazzle you with their hands and fingers and their penetrating gaze. Sometimes just a tap on the shoulder is enough to put you under a spell for 6 to 8 hours. They’ll have you emptying your bank account and safety deposit box right into their hands, unwittingly. They’ll even break and enter into your home at night, rummaging and ransacking without ever waking you and your family up. Sometimes… they can even turn ‘invisible’, or rather, ‘invisible’ to your mind.

These are the hallmarks of the fascinating crimes of mind manipulation, or "pukau" as it is known in Malaysia. And these crimes have been around for the longest time, reaching far and wide beyond international borders, but in Malaysia, it comes with some truly bizarre and unexplainable twists.

Follow us, as we unravel the secrets behind these crimes of "pukau" with the help of a team of experts comprising the police, a crime scene specialist, a criminologist, a hypnotherapist and a street illusionist. They will analyse and dissect, reflect and illuminate on these crimes through their years of experience and expertise.

Film Duration: 47 min