The responsibility to earn money and send it back home is a heavy burden for African migrants in Europe to carry, driving some of them to the dark underworld of drugs and prostitution. Some of them have to perform illegal activities, about which they are deeply ashamed.Rose from Nigeria was told that she would get a job as a cleaner in Italy, but was forced to work as a prostitute. Marie from Burkina Faso worked as a dancer in a nightclub for years. Now she is a journalist and writes about the life she has left behind. A young Gambian in Barcelona feels he cannot earn a living legally and has no option but to sell drugs to support his family back home.We visit the village of Beguedo in Burkina Faso, which is pretty much financed by migrants working as fruit-pickers in Italy and sending money home.And Baba from Ghana visits the annual tomato fight in Bunol, Spain to witness a strange Spanish tradition.