Horizon meets the scientists working to make fatal car crashes a thing of the past. A remarkable fusion of mechanical engineering and biology promises to save countless lives across the world. The programme has exclusive access to the secretive world of the most advanced car crash tests. Horizon reveals how the latest advances in trauma medicine, psychology and even extreme sport are transforming your chances of surviving on the roads. And the programme shows how researchers are creating a new virtual crash test dummy that could change how our cars are designed forever. car crash, surviving a car crash, accident, crash, pile up, footage, cctv, documentary, russia, how to survive a car crash, safety, roads, road safety, accidents, rts, car crashes, car accidents, road traffic accidents, police, car crash video, car crash footage, dash cam, near miss, collision, drunk driving, caught on camera, car crashes 2012, car crash compilation, hit and run, car crash test, documentaries,

Film Duration: 59 min .