UFOs - Demons, Aliens, or Something in Between? The UFO phenomenon possesses a certain "high strangeness" to it that the simple extraterrestrial hypothesis may no longer be capable of explaining in isolation. From the ominous reports of alien abduction victims to the unusual manifestations that UFO sightings seem to be taking - and their apparent ability to control the weather, future events, and even the human psyche - one must ask, what are we really observing? Are UFOs really aliens? Demons? Or something else altogether?

With narrations by Jacques Vallée and Lynn Marzulli, as well as gripping footage from a police helicopter's infrared camera, a man summoning UFOs at will, and the mysterious Mexican air force sighting of eleven shape shifting orbs - this video explores the dark possibility of interdimensional contact with spirit beings, higher physics entities, or even a demonic deception that has persisted for thousands of years.

Film Duration: 23 min