This is the true story of a love triangle that takes place entirely online. Lies lead to murder in real life, as a teenage vixen (screen name 'talhotblond') lures men into her web. Revealing a shocking true crime story that shows the Internet's power to unleash our most dangerous fantasies.

You can say anything you want online and that's why I'm dead, Executed at the age of 22. The headlines say I was cyber sexed to death, by a girl who called herself, Talhotblond. She was tall, hot, blond, add deadly to that.

This true story I'm about to tell you begins with a lie, told by one of my co-workers Thomas Montgomery. I met Montgomery when I started working at the Dynabrad factory, it's near buffalo. He showed me the ropes, even invited me to meet his family. That's me Brian Barrett, I was working and going to school part-time to become a teacher. That's my first trunk used, but I paid cash. The work at dynabrad was pretty dull, We all had escape dreams.