The outbreak of hostilities between Germany and Britain in August 1914 saw the battleship at almost the peak of its superiority among fighting ships. In firepower, nothing could equal that of the DREADNOUGHTS - now the ultimate class of battleship in the navies of the world.On windswept waters of the North Sea the two greatest navies in the world put their fleets to the test of fire. First was the British raid on Heligoland Bight. In spite of the risk of mines and torpedos and the probability of meeting a more superior force, British rear - Admiral Sir David Beatty led his battle cruisers into the Bight, sinking four ships with the loss of one thousand German sailors.Then, in May 1916, came The Battle of Jutland - when the entire might of the British Grand Fleet under the command of Admiral Jellico came head to head with the German High Seas Fleet, with Admiral Scheer in command. It was the first and the largest naval battle fought between the capital ships of the two most powerful navies in the world. Both sides claimed victory, and both sides suffered enormous casualties and loss of capitol ships. To this day controversy still surrounds this epic battle.Despite losing more ships and more men than the German's, Britain's Grand Fleet remained master of the North Sea. Never again did the High Seas Fleet throw down the gauntlet to their great rivals across the Channel.