In Hampton, New England the castle of King Henry The 8th has a history of being haunted, a strange ghostly apparition has been caught swinging open and closing doors. The event was caught on camera, the castle palace guards who reviewed to see nobody opening two closed doors, experienced the following day the same action happened. When the castle palace guards saw the security camera to have seen a skeleton figure opening and closing doors, in broad day light left them dumbfounded and clearly spooked. Another case in the Lincoln County Courthouse in Charlotte, North Carolina recorded a ghostly figure with a notepad scribbling on a bench during the last hours of the day. While 5 people witnessed this even unfold live on the security camera. Shook up and scared security officials decided to walk inside the locked room to walk past the figure that seemed undisturbed. Night was setting and mysteriously the figure that was sitting on the bench vanished. In Pauling, New York a grandmother 58-year old Rose was traveling down the highway. To have discovered a stray-dog in her path, she swerved missing the dog causing a near-fatal accident. A photographer Sharon Boo for the local fire department came to the scene and photographed the accident what seemed like a angel-like figure appeared on the photo. Rose was fine and walked away with minor scratches, and seemed to have thought she was being looked after. Difficult to fake, Sharon testified and said to have just took her photos to a regular photo-developing shop. Colorado Springs, Colorado Steven Lee became weary when he had found his cabin messed with, furniture moved around and items displaced. He decided to set-up security cameras to possibly catch vandals in the act. But little did he know, he catches intriguing evidence of ghost-orb figures roaming the outside of his cabin and inside. San Paulo, Brazil A young ten-year old boy with his camera catches a orb like figure hovering over his city, and begins to record the phenomena on tape. The orb like figure hovers over the city slowly and deliberate without a care in the world. Professors and scientists have tried to debunk this piece of evidence, only to have just started one of the most profound investigations ever started.

Film Duration: 42 min .