This balanced documentary speaks to Clinton's friends and enemies to search for vital evidence in the Clinton scandals, from Whitewater to the infamous "mole on his butt".As this film reminds us, Bill Clinton of the USA has been accused of serial womanizing, financial wheeling and dealing, gun smuggling and even drug running. Among the defence: Betsey Wright, Clinton's Chief of Staff who supervised all Clinton's campaign funds in the 1980s. She refutes the allegations about the ailing Whitewater corporation and the funds used to help Clinton become Governor of Arkansas. But whether Clinton knew it or not, something was rotten in the State of Arkansas. One of his big campaign fund raisers, Dan Laseter, was jailed on Cocaine charges in 1986. Under Clinton, Laseter and the CIA used the Arkansas airstrip to fly in cocaine. Among the prosecution: Terry Reed, author of a book on the 'Arms for Drugs' scandal. He claims Clinton knew about the operation but turned a blind eye. Includes good archive of the President being sworn in as Governor of Arkansas, Bill and Hillary's scandal management and Bill's women and cocaine addict brother.