He has launched often vitriolic attacks on minorities, Muslims, women and pretty much anyone else he wants – and yet Donald Trump’s popularity just keeps on climbing.He is leading the race to win the Republican nomination and his next victory, he hopes, will be the White House. Bob McKeown joins the campaign trail for a disturbing look at an ugly side of America and why Trump may be winning. 

Can nothing stop Donald Trump? On his journey to securing the Republican party nomination for the next President of the United States, he has been plagued by never-ending waves of negative publicity; the level of which would sink any other candidate with ease. Now, his messages of anger and words of condemnation against various minority groups have inspired a series of volatile and often violent incidents at his rallies. Yet his poll numbers and victories throughout the primary season keep escalating. The new documentary short titled The Fire Breather, produced by CBC News as part of their acclaimed The Fifth Estate series, takes a biased, but thoughtful look behind this unprecedented phenomenon.