This presentation is a starting point for the viewer to do further research of their own as we could not fit all the shocking information we uncovered into one documentary. This film is a general overview of how the food industry corrupts the food they provide by the use of poisons and toxins that are contained within the additives and packaging used in our food. Could this explain the worldwide explosion of diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, brain tumours, allergies, kidney failure to name but a few? All to often these diseases are devastating our fellow citizens at a younger age. GMOs are the current food items the biotech companies are trying to push globally, but the dangers that they could unleash with this biotechnology could be catastrophic for human kind. The biotech companies want to patent all the staple food seeds of the world and control all the food produced. They subvert and corrupt the very organisations and politicians that should be protecting us,and have no conscience about the untold suffering and death they cause. All this in the name of profit and to deliver the control of the food industry to a few monopolistic companies. They will then utilise this power to control the people globally through food distribution and pricing. Please do your own due diligence on this subject.... you may be saving your children and loved ones undue suffering. The Scottish Alternative Information Network provides this information for free.

Film Duration: 60 min .