IMAX presents seven amazing locations in the world - Amazon, Greenland, Iguazu, Madagascar, Namib, Okavango and Tibet - depicted by the Science Museum of Minnesota. 'The Greatest Places' was filmed in 1996 and takes us to a few of Earth's most stunning landscapes. Before we start our journey though, we see Earth as it once was hundreds of millions of years ago. Pangaea slowly breaks apart and we watch as the land masses of today finally settle in.

We fly around the globe. We visit Madagascar and learn of its unique life and the challenges and advantages of being a such and isolated land mass. It's a brief overview of the place, never nearing the detail that BBC's 'Madagascar' attempts. With 'The Greatest Places' being on 40 minutes long narrator Avery Brooks ('The Big Hit') has to hurry through short descriptions of what we see on screen.

From there we fly over to the Himalayas and discuss the cataclysmic earthquakes as the tectonic plates smashed together creating to tallest mountain range in the world. Here we peer into the lives of Tibetan Buddhists and some of their rituals.

After that we take off to the Amazon. From the world's tallest mountains to the world's largest river. We see what life is like on the Amazon for the inhabitants that live there. We get to witness what the river is like during its flood stages which come around every year like clockwork.

We then head on over to check out the Namib Desert in the ultimate contrast of two extremes. From the lush Amazonian jungles to one of the driest most arid places on the planet. Even being one of the hottest places around the Namib still manages to procure moisture from dense fog.

Next on the list is the Arctic Circle, more specifically Greenland. The frozen tundra is home to snow-covered expanses, humongous icebergs, and a shaman from the local community.

After Greenland we visit the final stop on the tour of the Earth as we stop by Botswana Africa. Here we take in a few stunning shots of nature coupled with aerial shots to show us just exactly how immense Botswana is.

Film Duration: 39 min