The Kirkby Rent Strike was a 14-month long rent strike initiated by 3000 tenants on October 9, 1972 in the town of Kirkby, outside Liverpool, against the Housing Finances Act. caused a $1 rent rise. A group of women on the Tower Hill estate formed a discussion and support group to help themselves and their families through the factory closure crisis when the Housing Finances Act was passed these women formed an Unfair Rents Action Group and responded by organizing the rent strike. A totally brilliant and riveting account of a rent strike in Kirkby involving 3000 tenants. Insightful without being didactic." - Rod McShane, Time Out "The difficult stuff for a trendy liberal is contained in 'Behind the Rent Strike,' which crudely centres around the anger of tenants on a housing estate outside Liverpool: Tower Hill, Kirkby, 1972-73. A magnificent Liverpudlian lady as good as spits at the interrogating director in the opening instants: 'I'm very sceptical ... the working-class position may change, but it won't change through the media' (or words to that effect: her nostrils flare stormily as she utters. People were being asked to pay what they thought to be too much for their council flats, someone organised them, they revolted. Mr. Broomfield set out to make a screenable account of their group-action.