2008. A nun is murdered, the wrong man is executed, a curse lives on. The Last Word is a documentary about Johnny Frank Garrett, an innocent man who was wrongfully convicted of murder and executed on Texas' Death Row. It's a horror story, plain and simple. In Garrett's final statement he professed his innocence one last time but did so in a voice driven by hate and vengeance. In his chilling conclusion Garrett promised those responsible for his murder that someday he would have the last word and they would pay for what they had done. For most of Garrett's enemies "someday" happened long ago.

Regardless of faith, for or against the death penalty, liberal or conservative "The Last Word" compels viewers to feel not only the collective pain our societal conscience suffers for executing the innocent but also the individual fear of not knowing what margins of error our judges, jurors and executioners will find acceptable tomorrow.

Film Duration: 90 min