An amazing Documentary on the Underground City on Mars.An architectural firm has designed a radically different human colony on Mars from what we're used to seeing - this one is underground. ZA Architects, a German based company, believes our best chance of surviving in the red planet's inhospitable environment is to become subterranean. They argue the basalt surface of Mars is ideal for building caves for protection and insulation. The rovers would excavate large caves underground, leaving pillars of basalt to support the roof. When human explorers arrive, they would simply need to install windows, doors and life support systems. "It seems pretty logical to use caves as the main protective structure of the colony." They also believe the bases could include farming areas, saying 'some martian soil is appropriate for growing certain agricultures, such as asparagus. 'Possibility of food production will make Martian settlements independent of expensive deliveries from the Earth.' Regardless of the viability of an underground cave system on Mars, we are still a long way from being able to implement it. The people behind the conceptual project believe humans will be living on Mars within a decade.

Film Duration: 73 min