What is the deadliest animal on earth? With all stings considered, it's got to be an animal that gives lethal injections. We're counting down the top ten most extreme venoms in the animal kingdom, and finding out just what happens when these toxins get under our skin. The countdown contains a real life reptilian monster with deadly dribble, an octopus the size of a golf ball with spit that's 10,000 times more deadly than cyanide, and a killer snail that harpoons its prey and injects them with a cocktail of toxins, including one painkiller 100 times more effective than morphine! We'll also meet a woman who has a thing for bee stings. She's stung herself 45,951 times, and it's all for the good of her health! We'll also find out why a young Thai woman spent 32 days locked in a glass cage with 3400 deadly scorpions; and go on the road with Venom One — the world's only emergency anti-venom response unit. Discover that reality bites, when venom's taken to The Most Extreme.

Film Duration: 00:44