The Other Army documentary that focuses on the struggle of ordinary Pakistanis against terrorism. Over 5,000 members of the Pakistani army have died in combat and 40,000 civilians have died as a consequence of terrorism and the war against it since 2001. Yet this narrative seems to be altogether missing from our global collective consciousness.
The Other Army shares the stories of two Pakistanis who have died fighting terrorists. We meet Imran and his mother Beyji who share with us the story of Saleem who served as a voluntary guard at the shrine of a Sufi saint, and sacrificed his life chasing after a suicide bomber responsible for a devastating attack in Lahore, in 2010.
We also meet Zaraar, and his parents Mr. and Mrs. Zafar Abbasi, who lost their son Captain Bilal Zafar to the war against terror. Bilal led a team of twenty comrades in a covert anti-terrorism operation in Swat Valley, to reclaim the district from the Taliban, in 2009. He left behind a legacy of bravery and thousands of admirers who mourn him to this day.
The film is a personal essay, seen through the eyes of the filmmaker who serves as the narrator/storyteller as she tries to explain to the audience the complex nature of fighting terrorism in Pakistan and the tremendous courage required to stand up against the enemies from within.

Film Duration: 26 min