In Every City...There Is An Oasis. THE PARK is a documentary film about a neighborhood city park and how its existence effects the people who visit the park and the employees who work there. The story is set in a particular local city park (to symbolize urban parks everywhere) and takes the audience on a journey inside this park and what it means to the people and its surrounding community.

The film's director, motivated by an overwhelming sense of curiosity, with a video camera and a list of questions, decides to set out into his own neighborhood park and talk to the people directly.

THE PARK presents an in-depth profile as presented through a series of candid interviews and anecdotes from random park-goers as well as a few select park employees. It's an inspiring, sentimental, yet humorous portrayal about life in a local big city park and how it makes a positive difference to a community.

Produced and Directed by: Tony Okun

Production Company: Oh! Show Productions

Film Duration: 57 min