The Price of Love is an independent documentary directed by Don McVey.

The documentary takes a look at how the 2012 Spouse Immigration Rules have affected 3 British families.

Alison moved from Turkey, with her 2 young children, to the UK when her mother died, to take care of her sick father.

When the rules changed it meant her husband Omer couldn't join them. With Turkey too unsafe to return to (2 of Omer's brothers were murdered in a political assassination), Alison and her children were forced to be apart from Omer for 3 years.

Gethin and his Russian wife Elena always planned on moving back to Gethin's home in Wales. Like any parents, they want the best for their 2 daughters, which means giving them a British education. Gethin owns a beautiful home in Wales outright and works 2 jobs while also starting what could be a very profitable business. But because his business is less than 2 years old and he is not technically earning the £18,600 threshold, his family have been unnecessarily split.

Sally fled to America 22 years ago to escape a very abusive relationship. She fell in love and married Walter, a successful carpenter who owned his own business. As a cancer survivor with multiple health concerns, Walter has always taken good care of Sally. When Sally found out that her ex-husband had died in 2011, she desperately wanted to go home to live out her remaining years with her children and family. Unfortunately, with the sale of their house taking 2 years, Sally and Walter fell foul to the new rules. The Home Office are now trying to deport Walter, which will mean their 22 years together coming to an abrupt end.

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