In the Scottish Highlands of 84 AD, the impressive, armour-clad armies of Imperial Rome lay waste to thousands of Caledonian warriors of Northern Britain. Back at the Roman camp, drunken soldiers celebrate victory. Others write home to relatives with ink on wooden shavings, which are transported via an elaborate delivery system on horseback, much like the pioneer-era 'Pony Express' in the United States. These "letters" document greetings, loneliness, and even requests for mundane goods that soldiers needed sent to them from home such as socks and underwear. This is the amazing story of one of the most remarkable archeological finds of the Roman Empire. While excavating the site of an Ancient Roman battleground a team of archeologists astonishingly discover letters from the past. Preserved Roman letters that offer an incredible insight into the strongest empire the world had ever known.

Film Duration: 49 min