Another shocking revelation we hear is that it is more likely for a person to suffer a heart attack during the hours from 6am till noon because the blood is stickier and more viscous during that time. Also our body undergoes a periodic break in optimum activity between 4pm and 6pm, this is the reason why most people take afternoon naps and feel sleepy during this time. The body starts having a permanent shutdown during 8pm to 10pm, which is the time most people go to bed.

A disturbing fact also told in the film is that the majority of people die during the hours of 2am to 4am; there isn't any real conviction or proof of any of this, as is more than evident from the narrator's tone. The film struggles feebly to bring any real credibility in everything it shows on screen, and though its material seems plausible, there can be no doubt that it is far-fetched and relies more on speculation rather than any concrete evidence.

Film Duration: 48 min .