The popular program of Discovery Channel naming "Secret of the secret Service" gives an enticing insight into the secretive law enforcement agency of America. They are the experts and professionally trained guard force which offers protection not to the American leaders but to the foreign leaders visiting America as well. They are strong and trained to know about each and every possible threat but, their services and work should not be visible to the common people. In other words, they are a secret force deployed for the protection of leaders. No doubt, it is a risky job because there are innumerable threats to the survivor. They make use of the advanced technology and specially planned weapons, secret strategies, bullet proof cars, clothes and human motivation to provide the remarkable protection services to their leaders. History: Abraham Lincoln was the man behind the creation of these services and approved it on 14th April 1865 exactly after 5 days of Lee's surrender. The commission in Washington DC has established a "secret service Division" on 5th July 1865, with an aim of overpowering the counterfeiting. This department was planned on Lincoln's desk and at that time "US Post office Department" and "United States Park Police" were the 2 active enforcement agencies.

Film Duration: 43 min .