Sidney Cooke is regarded as a dangerous and predatory paedophile who even at the age of 84 remains a constant threat to youngsters.He has been given two life sentences for a catalogue of crimes involving the systematic rape and abuse of two brothers over several years.But these horrific admissions are just one of a series of depraved acts the persistent offender has committed during the past three decades. In his job as a fairground worker, Cooke was able to travel the country preying on vulnerable youngsters.Known by colleagues as Hissing Sid, he set up his children's 'Test Your Strength' machine at fairgrounds around the country using the opportunity to meet boys and lure them into depraved homosexual orgies. With his sick friends Robert Oliver, Lennie Smith and Leslie Bailey, he would drug the children before subjecting them to brutal assaults.Cooke, who habitually dressed in a filthy suit and trilby hat, was one of a 1980s gang suspected of being responsible for the killing of up to nine young boys during sex orgies.Operating from a flat on the Kingsmead estate in Hackney, east London, the gang hired rent boys or snatched children off the streets and subjected them to horrific sexual torture.

Film Duration: 46 min .