Bazaar Bizarre is a full length documentary film about Kansas City's sadistic-torture serial killer Robert Berdella, known as The Kansas City Butcher and The Trash Bag Killer.In the 1980s young men were disappearing from the streets of KC. Due to their lifestyles involving drugs and prostitution they went largely unnoticed for a while.That changed when police were called to respond to a naked,bloody man wearing a dog collar,running down the street screaming for help. He had escaped from a house in a quiet,residential neighborhood that was the home of Bob Berdella. Berdella was well known and owned a flea market type of store. But Berdella's real hobby was brutally raping and torturing young men while holding them prisoner for as long as he could keep them alive. Sometimes days, sometimes weeks, suffering brutal and bizarre acts of torture and degradation too horrible to believe. He kept them alive as long as he could but when they inevitably died he dismembered them and discarded the body parts in empty dog food bags, placing them on the curb with the trash to be picked up on garbage day.There were 7 known victims but many more were suspected. Berdella died in prison, only a few years into his sentence. This documentary features rare interview footage with Berdella.

Film Duration: 89 min