Panorama tracks down a fraudster who stole a football club and broke a bank. With his tales of foreign gold and assets worth 2 trillion dollars, the con man fooled politicians, celebrities and the City. He even tricked the former England football manager, Sven-Goran Eriksson, into visiting North Korea to support his scam. So why were so many people taken in, and how did one man run rings round the regulators and authorities? fraud, notts county, fraudster, banks, million, bank, billion, bankers, trillion, banking, con, conman, conmen, hustle, real hustle, russell king, sven goran eriksson, dodgy, criminal, fraudulent, bbc, documentary, documentaries, learningchannei, learning channel, inside the saudi kingdom, gypsy child thieves, panorama, horizon, theft, football, soccer, bahrain, police, sheikh, discovery channel, national geographic, discovery, arabs, saudi,

Film Duration: 29 min .