No doubt, those people of American society who also has agree extreme views have been attracted by Trump’s emotional speeches and statements against the Muslims. As regards the true face of Donald Trump, a politician disclosed that is the leader of a cult of personality. People used to believe that voters usually respond to a candidate that is consistent and predicable. Trump has laid to rest these beliefs. He is constantly changing his opinions about everything so that it would suit the political wind at any given time. He never apologizes and has no shame for his changing opinions. The media tries not to hold him accountable for these actions. Being flexible in the wake of changing political environment is always considered as a mark of wisdom, but Trump does not do it because he becomes nay wiser. He does it because he sees an opportunity and does not want to let go of it. That makes him an opportunity as well. He would do anything to get what he wants. Donald Trump is also the name of a brand which is highly demanded. By virtue of being a TV personality, he is able to conjure his media tricks and apply them to another aspect of the American life. Moreover, the real face of Donald Trump shows a political thug the likes of which have never been seen in modern American history.