Sun, wind, and rain are basic to life, but sometimes the weather is more than just that. Sometimes it's stronger, violent. The wind becomes a tornado, the rain a hurricane. The Earth's atmosphere, for a moment, makes it uninhabitable. And there's nothing we can do about extreme weather but try to predict it, prepare for it and hope that it never happens here.

This doco looks at the innermost workings of a storm system to reveal the visible and invisible forces that drive our weather. Using the latest satellite imagery and 3D graphic animation, trade-winds, tornadoes, lightning, monsoon, and hurricanes are examined in detail. From the aurora borealis to the bizarre downpouring of fish and frogs, we learn that the earth's atmosphere is a delicate and ever-changing environment. Finally we delve into the past to discover how earth's volcanic origins helped create weather as we know it.

Film Duration: 49 min