Julian Assage - the founder of Wikileaks - has remained shrouded in mystery since the launch of his site in 2006. This fascinating expose reveals the man behind the leaks. Assange spent the majority of his youth travelling from place to place, attending 37 different schools and being charged with numerous hacking offences. While he continues to move, he does so to maintain his extensive network of Wikileaks contacts and to avoid the unwanted attention of governments. Despite frequently hitting the front pages of newspapers around the world, Assange has somehow managed to retain a low profile. This is now changing as he finally steps into the spotlight to defend Wikileaks and to address what he feels is a false perception the media is portraying of him. "The true nature of this world is being revealed. It's not being interpreted for you. There it is, face to face from the inside". Now, with Wikileaks, he is finally offering it to the world.