In this story, the deformed legs of Rosemarie Siggins were amputated when she was a child with sacral agenesis. Today, she works on cars and cares for her family in Pueblo, Colorado.

This absorbing documentary retells the remarkable story of Rosemarie Siggins - an American woman who suffers from a rare genetic disorder which has led to the loss of her legs and the shortening of her spine. Having first visited her in 2005, Five's Extraordinary People strand now catches up with Rose as she copes with the birth of her second child and deals with some pressing family business.

Rose, from Pueblo, Colorado, is a car nut - she's been into cars, trucks and all things automotive since the age of three. She also has only half a body - but she refused to let her disability stop her from rebuilding and racing a 1968 Mustang. Born with a a rare genetic condition that meant her legs were deformed and without sensation, Rose had her legs amputated as a young child. However, she refuses to let this get in the way of living her life, even giving birth to a heathy son eight years ago.

Rose is determined to live as a full and normal a life as possible. She uses her arms and hands to get around, travelling on a skateboard at times and driving a specially adapted car which she manoeuvres using hand controls. She is grateful to her parents for making the difficult decision to have her legs amputated, rather than putting her in a wheelchair. Rose also chose not to wear the prosthetic legs her school wanted her to use, a decision which was supported by her parents. Fiercely independent, she can't imagine life in a wheelchair, and enjoys the freedom of being able to get around by herself.

Film Duration: 47 min