This remarkable programme attempts to discover whether vicious killer Peter Tobin is in fact Britain's worst serial killer. Talking to criminologists, psychologists and those who have come face-to-face with this monster, the film looks at the other unsolved murders that Tobin may have committed; killings which could stretch back for a period of over 40 years. The police suspect Tobin to be behind the disappearance of ten women in England and some suspect that he could even be the infamous Scottish serial killer 'Bible John'. As Tobin is once again led back to prison, the programme looks back on the life and crimes of this monster. Tobin is a man who has murdered and raped in a church, killed innocent young girls who were just trying to get home and has desecrated bodies in order to escape justice. Mixing archive news footage with dramatic reconstructions as well as interviews with the families of the victims and the police who investigated his crimes, the film reveals the criminal life of a truly terrifying man. Also talking to his ex-wives and son, find out what drove this man to become a monster.

Film Duration: 00:47