Get the complete time line of what happened from the opening day of the summit; the anti-globalism demonstrations, the Black Bloc riots, the burning police cars and the ensuing mass arrests.The film highlights the apparent 1.2 billion dollar security failure and puts into question what kind of policies were in place to direct the police in matters like protecting property and crowd control.What is evident is that the police had a deliberate and blatant disregard for citizens civil rights, their conduct toward protesters and detainees was brutally violent and merciless.With such a breach of civil liberties, and a lack of decision making transparency several calls for a public enquiry have been made by community groups and watchdog organizations.Watch the testimony given by several protesters interviewed, who were rounded up and locked away for over 20 hours in a makeshift "detention centre" infamously named Torontanimo. Amnesty International declared the conditions people endured there as a violation of human rights.The story of the Toronto G20 begins with this film, but the aftermath, and the grim and unsettling implications of these events, the stories shared by the victims is still in question.