Colbie, age 8, and Lleyton, 5, have normal brains. At least according to the numerous MRI scans they’ve undergone throughout their short lives. No one can explain why neither child can walk, or why neither child has ever been able to speak a word. Heath and Mariel Krakowiak, Colbie and Lleyton’s parents, have had them evaluated by countless specialists. The kids have been through the National Institutes of Health Undiagnosed Diseases Program, during which their genomes were sequenced. The only thing doctors can tell the Krakowiaks is that each of their children has an individual genetic mutation about which nothing is known. No answers or diagnoses are in sight. At home, Heath and Mariel struggle to care for their severely disabled children, who cannot communicate what ails them and often throw tantrums. The couple have settled into a routine characterized by constant vigilance, soothing interventions, and an infinite reserve of patience. Their everyday life is captured in Dave Adams’s short documentary The Unconditional, an unflinching and ultimately heartrending look into the challenges that special-needs kids and their parents face behind closed doors.