Early 90s Hacking Documentary Hacker Emmanuel Goldstein - Unauthorized Access is one of the earliest independant documentaries on the subject of the computer underground. Featuring footage from around globe, this video's tone is friendly and fun. From phreaking, lockpicking, conspiracy theories, and ninja clad dumpster divers to socially active political European hackers this video covers an amazing amount of ground. Unauthorized Access is an insiders view of the computer cracker / hacker underground. The filming took place all across the United States, Holland and Germany. "Unauthorized Access" looks at the personalities behind the computers screens and aims to separate the media hype of the 'outlaw hacker' from the reality.

Credited cast:
Drunkfux: Himself - HoHoCon Organizer
Dan Farmer: Himself
Emmanuel Goldstein: Himself
Joe Grand: Himself - Lopht Member (as Kingpin)
Grandmaster Ratté: Himself
Brian Oblivion: Himself - L0pht Member
Omega: Himself
Aleph One: Himself
Bruce Sterling: Himself
Deth Veggie: Himself
Count Zero: Himself

Film Duration: 38 min