This documentary is about underground LOST civilisations! All around the world Archaeologist's have discovered under ground citiy's and long tunels! With todays technology making a under ground tunel or city is not realy that difficult ,but it takes time ,despite all machineries and man labor! So now my question is how ancient men did all this with bare hand or simple tools!? Now lets go to the documentary and see what the scientists and those very familier with underground mounuments,tunels and cities,to tell us what they realythink! --------- Underground Civilizations: No Myth The City: Derinkuyu is an underground city currently being excavated in Turkey. This city is said to have eleven stories, capable of housing 50000 people complete with their livestock, schools, churches and all other infrastructure. It is thought that although parts of the city date back to the 8th century BC, other parts were added around the 5th century AD. Although Derinkuyu is possibly the biggest underground city found to date, it is by no means the only one. Approximately 200 other cities have been found underground, just in this area of Turkey alone, many having a minimum of 3 stories.

Film Duration: 42 min .