We Are All Artists, 1936
Silent Film

Moving Images from the Harmon Foundation
National Archives at College Park - Motion Pictures, College Park, MD
Item from Collection H: Harmon Foundation Collection, 1922 - 1967
ARC Identifier 94970 / Local Identifier H-HF-232

Creator: Harmon Foundation
Series: Motion Picture Films on Community and Family Life, Education, Religious Beliefs, and the Art and Culture of Minority and Ethnic Groups, compiled ca. 1930 ca.1953

Documentary: On art and functional design. Reel 1: Shows natural scenes and movement, including waterfall, horse, divers, dancers, the Taj Mahal, to analyze and design and its elements. Reel 2: Illustrates simplicity of original designs in furniture and machinery, and artistic modifications. Shows works by Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Robert Fulton and John Vassos, artists and industrial designers. Depicts evolution of design in commercial products. Reel 3: Illustrates the unity of design and function through work of photographer Margaret Bourke-White and Otto Kuhler (designer of lined locomotives and the automatic typewriter). Compares 1906 Ford and modern cars; Shows China Clipper, commercial airplane, electric dishwasher, modern bathtub, and furniture to illustrate beauty and utility.

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Use Restrictions: Although all rights were conveyed to the U.S. Government on July 26, 1967, proprietary rights or existing copyright in footage obtained from other sources by the Harmon Foundation may exist.

Film Duration: 31 min