Independent Media Solidarity is a loose knit group of independent journalists that have come together to tackle the issue of Sandy Hook. We are normal people with normal lives, who have families, children, and jobs. Although many of us haven"t physically met each other, we are united. All we seek are answers to the many inconsistencies. But most importantly, we just want the truth made available to all who might seek it. Over the past two years, efforts to explain and expose the Sandy Hook event may seem to have slowed down. We never slowed down.

“We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook” is a focused Documentary designed to review much of the information that was released into the public and much of what was fought for by these researchers to present to you in this video.

-Did you know the Guns did not have Adam Lanza"s blood on them?
-Did you know that the inside ammunition used in the guns and shootings had a teachers DNA on it?
-Did you know many of the parent of the Sandy Hook Tragedy were previously actors or associated with the film and movie industry?-Did you know that the annual asking on many donation project of the parents is around 500,000$?

These and many other questions are explained within the documentary. Hard investigation has gone into the project and the final release to the public realm. We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook needs to be spread far and wide. This was designed for the public"s benefit and no profit has been asked to view it. It is a gift to all those who want to explain the strange events of the day and the strange impact it has had on us as a nation. Talking about the evidence has been taboo among many news outlets, if you ask questions then you must be a terrorist. Honestly if you don"t ask questions from all the strange anomalies that were presented by the Press, Media and officials I would question ones ability to think clearly.

The presenters are individuals who worked hard to gather the less known evidence by many means in order to explain their perspective on the course of events during this live shooting. Interesting they call drills live drills and events like this live shootings. It begs the questions there are not dead shootings so why place that key word into the vernacular of an event other than to explain to those in the know it is a staged presentation.

Please review the less know evidence that was officially released that is the focus of this documentary. The less known results of many of the tests and investigations surrounding this conclusive staged production.

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Film Duration: 166 min