Wild Carpathia explores the magnificent Carpathian foothills, a land reminiscent of Tolkien's pristine Middle Earth rather than Bram Stoker's cold, haunted landscapes. Partake in the breathtaking beauty of wild orchid meadows, discover Sarmizegetusa, also known as Europe's Macchu Pichu, and tour the estate of Transylvanian count Tibor Kalnoky, where Prince Charles first fell in love with the elusive natural beauties of Romania.

"This is a world so ancient and unspoiled that our presence feels as ephemeral as the footprints we leave behind us."
-Charlie Ottley

Join British TV presenter Charlie Ottley as he discovers a place where man and nature have lived peacefully together since the dawn of civilization -- a place that Prince Charles sees as a veritable beacon of hope for a truly sustainable future. The people of Transylvania have kept their traditions and way of life for hundreds of years. From sheep herders and breeders of horses, to the villagers in Viscri, a village soon to celebrate its 800th year of existence, and the hermit woman who lives further up the mountains, on Mother Nature's very doorstep, you will meet a plethora of picturesque characters, each with their own fascinating story.

Film Duration: 47 min