A must see movie for those interested in freedom in the Middle East. Follow one man's journey across the holy land to discover that the free citizens of Israel are ready for peace. Have the courage to go into Israel and see who really lives there. See the diversity and creativity of the Holy Land in this award winning documentary movie. See Muslims, Christians and Jews all living in harmony despite the political rhetoric and voices of segmentation all around them. This mystical story of hope focuses on the commonalities and not the differences and also shows that while it is more convenient to turn to violence, the solution is found in the courage to change one's own perspective. The message of the movie, as spoken by the people of Israel, is that "Peace really does lie within." Despite the history of the conflict, Jews on the streets of Israel do not perceive Muslims as their enemies and many Israeli Arabs, Jews and Christians live together everyday, side by side, in freedom, peace and prosperity. The message of the movie is clear- Jews are not the enemy, Muslims are not the enemy; the real enemy is oppression and those ideologies that produce hatred.