Luis Garavito The Worlds Worst Serial Killer The Birth of a Killer Luis Garavito was born january 25 1957 Childhood Issues Luis was the eldest of seven brothers and was repeatedly abused by his father and suffered physical,mental, and sexual abuse Main Victims The target that Luis Garavito mainly assulted was the growing male child homeless Mug Shot Counted Victims The counted victims that the police know about are around 142 male homeless but do to the constint disappearances of the time police believe that he may have killed and raped over 300 male child homeless population Luis garavito nicknames Luis garavito was known by many names one name that he had come up with was "la bestia" meaning "the best" "Tribilin" the american spanish translation for disney's "goofy". A nickname given to him by the local media was " the worst serial killer in the world" Voice Of The Public a few of the local people in columbia had had some idea of what the goverment should do to him as a punishment one form of punishment that a local thought of was "They should take him out and execute him in public,they should slice him up just as he sliced up so many of these children.'' Blanca Perez. Columbian Law Due to columbian no prisoner shall remain so if they are in there for 30 years Due to the fact that Garavito confessed and drew a map to the beach where he would kill his victims his sentanced was reduced to 22 years of prison and avalibility for early parole Garavito's Sentance Garavito killed 142 male children and was sentanced to 1853 years and 9 days of prison Luis Garavito was born in the town of Génova, Colom How Garavito Killer His Victims Garavito would take his victims to a beach, after taking them for long walks and providing them with alcohol. then Garavito would knock out the child, tie them up with nylon rope, and slit their throat with a knife.

Film Duration: 46 min